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It may surprise you, but we don't always enjoy shopping for jeans either. Whether it's your first pair or your fortieth, finding that perfect fit can be more elusive than snagging a park in A'Beckett St on a hot January day.

Sizing for denim is notoriously tricky, and it often fluctuates between brands and also between styles, which usually creates a little confusion in our shoppers. We always recommend trying on jeans, no matter how confident you are feeling, and we'd also suggest forgetting the numbers once you've found a pair you like, and instead focusing on ultimate fit rather than size. 

One of our first blog posts way back in 2020 covered some of our best tips on mavi denim sizing and most of it still holds true almost two years later - head here if you missed it!


Most important is the size math - mavi jeans are sized by waist (ie. 24, 27, 29 etc.) and the easiest way to convert that back to standard pant sizing is by a handy little trick:

Simply add the two waist digits together to find the size - a 24 becomes a 6 (2+4=6), a 27 = 9, and a 29 = 11, and so on.

The math doesn't work as well once you hit a size 30 and beyond, but if you know a 29 is close to an 11, then a 30 will be a 12, and a 31 similar to a 13.

Right, now that you've got the math under your belt, let's take a quick look at a couple of other tips before we head into the styles...

Leg Length

Pay attention to the second pair of numbers on the label as these reflect the leg length of your jeans.

Most of our cropped styles will sit around a 27" leg which finishes above the ankle, a 29" usually hits on the ankle, and a 32" is your classic full length leg (which is slightly less common these days). Obviously, your height will impact these lengths greatly, so we'd encourage our petite customers to stick near the 27" and 29", and those blessed with long legs to head towards a 29" and beyond.


While skinny jeans remain super stretchy and forgiving, the rise of straight and wide leg styles has seen more rigid denim taking over the market.

Where we used to say that customers usually sized down in mavi (and therefore a 29 usually accommodated a size 12 as well as an 11), heavier cotton cuts have changed the game and may see you going up a number or two on your old skinnies.

There's no need to panic, just be prepared to adjust your sizing accordingly as you move between styles and fabric compositions!

.     .     .

Alrighty, keeping all of that information in mind, let's take a peek at some of our top sellers, and work out which fit might suit you best!



Straight Leg
Bridging the gap between skinny and wide, the Viola Jean are fast becoming our new staple shape. High rise with slightly tapered straight legs, these jeans will see you through any kind of occasion. 
Note that the Mid Vintage wash featured above are a rigid denim and create a more straight fit, while the stretch content in the Dark LA Vintage wash offer a slightly more fitted, curvy shape.
Same same, but different - we're going to stick with Viola here and encourage you to try both washes! Although they are the same cut, the stretch content changes the fit quite a bit, and we're sure one will be a clear favourite for you!
.     .     .


Wide Leg

If you're looking to branch out from your straight or skinny leg options, the Barcelona Jean could be the one for you! With a flattering high rise waist and wide 29" leg, these deep blue beauties offer a point of difference from the other denim in your collection and will have you feeling fresh every time you put them on. And stay tuned - plenty of new colours on the way for Spring/Summer later in the year, too! 

Same same, but different - if high and wide is your thing, keep your eye out for a restock of our Victoria Jean. Everything you love in the Barcelona with a little more volume and a slightly lighter wash!

.     .     . 


Slim Boyfriend

With a high rise waist, relaxed 28" legs, and 1.5% stretch, the Mykonos Jean suit so many different bodies! We love them for their adaptability - wear them snug and hug your curves, or leave them relaxed with cuffed hems as pictured. This cut is a brilliant option if you're looking to move away from skinny without going too wide, and we find it works particularly well on our more petite, curvy customers

Same same, but different - maybe give the new Soho Jean a try, especially if you're looking for something other than blue denim! 

.     .     .



An update on the classic skinny, the high rise Tess Jean is here for anyone who isn't quite ready to ditch the slim fit just yet. Super stretchy and with a 27" leg, this cut has everything you're looking for in a classic pair of jeans - they're comfortable, versatile and offer excellent wash and repeat wearability.

Tess is a staple shape that isn't going anywhere soon, and we've usually got a few different washes in stock to keep all our denim fans happy!

Same same, but different - if you're after a little more length and a slightly higher waist (particularly good for our taller girls or those with longer torsos), give the Scarlett Jean a go!

.     .     .

There you go! There's still plenty of other options out there if none of those tickle your fancy - just slide on over to our Denim collection to see our full range of mavi jeans!

And if you've got any questions, or we're missing your size in your dream cut, just send us a message here!

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