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I might be just a little biased, but our team is the very, very best part of our bright little store!Four years ago, it was just Sal & I, and now we've got a beautiful crew of lovely faces who treat Salt & Sand as their own.No matter who is behind the counter on your next visit to Salt & Sand, you're in brilliant hands!


You probably already know a fair bit about me, and I won't be offended if you keep scrolling to the other smiling faces below! 

If you've followed along on our stories on any buying day, you would know that my life revolves around food. As a kid I was a super fussy eater and survived on plain pasta with butter and cheese, so I think I'm just compensating now.

Most of the pieces that I add to my wardrobe are Staple the Label, and our lovely reps Sammy & Bridget always laugh when I turn up for showings wearing the brand. It's not intentional, I swear - there's just rarely a work day that I'm not in something Staple.

If I had to pick a highlight so far from our shop years, our very first photoshoot with Claire Davie in 2021 may just win. It fell in the middle of the pandemic years, and it was the first time since buying the business that I stood back and took a moment, and I felt like we were creating something really special. 

Best part of working at S&S

I could list a hundred different highlights here, and my answer would probably change week to week. However, reading the beautiful responses from our team below had me feeling all the warm and fuzzies.

The people we've met through our bright little store, both as customers, as reps, and as employees have made this job the very, very best.

Steaming Scale - how much do you love steaming from 1 - Steamer Sal? 7

I may have taught the master, but she's surpassed me in steamer hours now!


Sal's been here since day one, and while we've joked about her retirement, I'm hoping she's around for many years to come.

She's everyone's favourite shop Mum, she supplied us with toilet paper for over 18 months (read more about that here), and she is probably the most frequently complimented member of our team.

Sal loves any meal she hasn't cooked herself, her favourite beverage is a double shot skinny latte, and every birthday and Christmas she asks for a Labrador. She's kind and generous, and will go out of her way to help anyone. Sal is always up for a chat with anyone, old friend or stranger alike, and being behind the counter in our bright little store is the perfect place for her to do so. 

Her highlight of shop life is always unpacking the new arrivals at the beginning of each season - partly because it's a little like Christmas, and also I suspect because it means she gets first dibs on the steamer.

Best part of working at S&S

"Encouraging someone to try something on, and then finding it looks sensational on them."

Steaming Scale

Well, she's not called Steamer Sal for no reason...


Lovely Abby is like sunshine, and if you've found her in store on a recent visit you'll know she's a natural people person.

She's only been on our team since late 2022, but it feels like she's been here forever. Abby is never idle in store, she's blitzed every challenge we've given her, and she's wise beyond her years.

Abby's first pet was a Beagle/Pug cross called Jewel. "She was the naughtiest puppy ever but thankfully after some training she grew out of that phase." Abby and Jewel did everything together, and even in her old age now, Jewel still gets just as excited for a walk.

Her pick of our labels would have to be Nude Lucy as the brand's brilliant pieces make up a sizeable portion of her wardrobe, and if she's got some free time on her hands you'll most likely find her at the beach.

Best part of working at S&S

"I love every part of working at Salt and Sand but if I had to narrow it down it would definitely be the people. Getting to meet so many lovely customers all while working within such a lovely and supportive team."

Steaming Scale - 8


Jayde is our resident netball superstar, and she's kept me company on Saturdays through the sunny seasons the last couple of years. From the moment she delivered her resume, complete with some foliage for decoration, we knew she'd be a keeper, and she's impressed us with her maturity, hard-working attitude, and friendly demeanour every day since.

Jayde is a sport fanatic, and if you get her talking about netball, she'll be there for hours. Growing up on a farm, she had a lot of family pets, but it was Jake, the golden Labrador who was her favourite. "He was the most gorgeous dog and would never hurt a fly, he never left my side and as my parents could tell you, when I used to run away to my Nan's house up the drive way, he would always be right behind me." 

Nude Lucy and Charlie Holiday are Jayde's favourite labels in store, the former for their classic basics, and the latter for their fun prints and colourful dresses and sets.

Best part of working at S&S

"There are so many amazing things about working at Salt and Sand, but my favourite has to be the amazing staff and customers! It is such a welcoming and loving group of people, every Saturday I can’t wait to get to work to have a great laugh with Alex as well as the lovely customers who always manage to put a smile on my face."

Steaming Scale - 8

"As much as I love steaming I don’t think anyone could ever love steaming more than Sal. If there is ever any new stock, Sal will always be the first one at the steamer and never stops until every single crease is out. Everything I have learnt about steaming has definitely come from the master herself, Sal."


Our very first non-junior employee, lovely Mads was the perfect fit for our bright little store. And luckily, even though she's moved onto other adventures now, she still pops back for the odd cameo shift every once in a while. 

Her attention to detail is amazing, and she is a top-tier tidier, but we love her most for her warm, welcoming manner and excellent sense of humour.

Mads loves teriyaki chicken nuggets, her cats Polly and Freddy, and lazy refresh Sundays. She loves a weekend spent camping - "There's something really special about exploring nature, losing reception and sitting around a camp fire with your loved ones."

South East Asia holds some special holiday memories, particularly Vietnam, but if she's closer to home, she'd spend a sunny afternoon at Dirty Three. Maybe that's why we get along so well...

Best part of working at S&S

"It's all really wonderful but if I had to pick one thing, it would truly have to be working with Alex and Sal. The most kind, caring and thoughtful team I have ever worked for."

Steaming Scale - 7

"Typically a relaxing task but some points were lost for days that involve linen items, the little frights that can occur when the steamer runs out of water and signals a loud "braaaap" noise in the store, and for the occasional clumsy steam burn." 

And that's us! If you'd like to read a little more, you can find a lengthier profile on Sal here, and one on Al here. And keep an eye out, I think there might be a Donalda piece very soon...

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