Fancy Feet

Fancy Feet

Shoes looking a little tired?

Allow us to introduce you to one of our favourite labels at Salt & Sand - Superga.

Boy, have we heard some fun versions of that name in store! We love it! Pronounced Su-PEAR-ga (I find if you think of the fruit, that helps!), these guys have been making rubber-soled shoes since 1911. Dubbed the People's Shoe of Italy, these humble sneakers began in Turin, slowly adding styles and colours as they travelled across the globe.

I first stumbled upon Superga a few years ago while overseas and living with a lovely American girl, Kelley. Kel arrived in Florence with quite the collection of sneakers already, and I remember her unpacking her suitcase into our cupboard, and the shelf of rainbow sneakers that slowly emerged. When we flew home four months later, Kel's return baggage had expanded, partly due to a few extra shades that had appeared in her Superga rainbow. 
It took a little while, but living with her must have rubbed off, and I bought my first pair a few months later. That was almost five years ago now, and I haven't stopped wearing them since. Supergas have seen me through uni lectures, overseas adventures and hundreds of days in the shop.
I love them because they're comfortable, great value, and ridiculously versatile. There's hardly an outfit in my wardrobe I wouldn't wear them with!
If you're looking to add some sneakers to your collection, we couldn't recommend Superga more highly. We've put together a basic little guide below to their most popular shapes to help you find the perfect pair. 
2750 Cotu Classic
These 2843 Club Sare your base model - no need for bells and whistles with these classic sneakers, just pick a colour and wear back with everything. Canvas with silver eyelets, these are the little black dress of the sneaker world. 
2750 EFGLU Leather
Like the original, but just a little bit more fancy! If you're already a fan of the canvas option and you're looking for an upgrade, the EFGLU leather sneakers are a great place to start. Everything you already love, just in a slightly elevated package!
2843 Club S

Looking to branch out into sportier territory? The Club S might be the shape for you! Soft, buttery leather, a nice splash of detail and a touch of colour at the heel. A little bit different and a little bit cool, just like you.

Generally speaking, we stock size 36-41. However, more sizes are always available on request - we can even try and wrangle the odd men's pair if you know a guy in need of some sneakers. (Yes, I've even converted my Dad, and if you know him at all, you'd know that was no easy feat).

You can shop our full range online, including the above shapes plus some special seasonal extras too.

Of course, like everything, if we're missing your dream shoe, please let us know and we'll try to hunt them down for you! No guarantees, but sometimes that missing size is already on its way to the shop anyway...

Still got questions? We're only a message/call/email away!

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