What Everyone Should Know About Denim Sizing

We get A LOT of questions in store about our Mavi jeans. And we get it, denim is a whole other world! So, to help anyone who’s been too shy to ask so far, we’ve rounded up our sizing tips to help you navigate the road to a beautiful pair of jeans.
First up, let’s talk numbers - mavi jeans, like many other brands, often have two on their label. One refers to waist measurement, and the other refers to leg length - both in inches. As an example, a 26/28 refers to a 26” waist and a 28” inseam.
That’s great and all, but how does that work for those of us who don’t magically know our numbers - or still use the imperial system?
Well, a simple trick is to add the waist digits together to find a loose size comparison. Using this method, our 26” jeans from earlier become something similar to a size 8, or a 24” pair will closely resemble a size 6. This theory doesn’t quite work for waist measurements over 30”, but if we know a 29” is like an 11, it’s fairly safe to assume a 32” will be similar to a 14.
This formula is not perfect, but it does help offer something of a starting point when you’re reaching for that first pair to try on.
Generally speaking, blue jeans tend to have a little more give than black. So, if you’re usually somewhere around a size 10 and you’ve picked up a pair of 28s in a nice mid blue, you may find you end up liking a 27 a little more. However, there's a strong chance you may still need a 28 for maximum comfort in a black pair. This is also a brilliant example of the usefulness of having those odd in-between sizes like 9s and 11s to make sure you find that perfect fit!
Beyond colour, sometimes the rise of the jeans can also tweak the sizing slightly - low rise have a little more give, high rise less so.
Next up, let’s talk legs. While a 32” inseam has generally been the standard leg length, the trend for shorter, cropped legs that finish around the ankle has seen a boom in 28” styles. This is of great benefit for those of you with little legs who’ve battled for years rolling, and rolling, and rolling your hems! These shorter lengths appear in all biker styles, and are usually available in a few other classic shapes as well. For those of you blessed with height, there’s no need to panic - full length legs are always around too!  
Denim sizing is not an exact science, but with a little math and research behind you, you can sail the indigo seas with ease.
As with all our clothing, we are here to help! If you need a little assistance with the numbers, or maybe a second opinion on ankle vs full length, you only need to ask!

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